International Students

Welcome to WURkForce, the vacancy website for students from Wageningen University. Unfortunately, for most of our jobs you must be able to speak and read Dutch, since promoting Wageningen University to scholars is the main goal of our department.

What you can do, is subscribe for the ‘klusjeslijst’; this is a weekly mailing promoting several short-term jobs to a large group of students. For some of these jobs it is not necessary to speak Dutch. However, the mailings are mostly in Dutch, so you might need to ask a friend to translate them for you.

To subscribe for the ‘klusjeslijst’ you do need a Dutch social security number, which can be collected at the municipality. Once you have a Dutch social security number, you can subscribe for WURkForce here. and then to the 'klusjeslijst'.

From time to time we have small tasks for international students. These will be communicated to all international students via e-mail as well as posted in English on the website of WURkForce.
These tasks will most likely be compensated in coupons, due to regulations about working in the Netherlands for international students.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via 0317-484878 or by sending an e-mail.